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Уникальный проект, характеризующийся привлекательной современной архитектурой с просторными и удобными зонами в окружении зелени. Гениальное сочетание отделки белого цвета и арт-бетона для декора стен. Живописные виды на море. В пешей доступности к пляжу и удобствам.

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Three kilometres outside of Paphos town is the beautiful village of Chloraka where traditional architecture and modern buildings are surrounded by natural green landscapes. Legend claims that Chloraka was established on the site where the chapel of Archangel Michael is now located and named Chloraka because of all its greenery. It has its own beautiful coastline with stunning hotels, villas and apartments that have access to its gorgeous beaches with cosy bays that are perfect for private sunbathing. The transparent waters are surrounded by craggy overhangs that provide picturesque spots to gaze over the sea and perhaps view the famous grounded ship, the Demetrios II. Clearly visible from the shore, this wreck attracts visitors from around the island.

Chloraka has all the necessary amenities you require including supermarkets, shops, banks pharmacies and doctors. The main road and centre has been recently upgraded and pedestrianized, giving the village a unique friendly community feel. Residents enjoy the variety of restaurants that offer everything from traditional Cypriot mezze to international dining. Chloraka has a diverse neighbourhood with local culture and tradition honouring many international cultures. It is home to the sports club of Akritas that has been functioning for over thirty years with huge offerings to the youth.

This charming village is a lovely alternative to those who want to avoid busy streets and immerse themselves in lush greenery without forgoing the convenience of close amenities. A family friendly neighbourhood where you will feel at home from the moment you move in.

  • 25 minutes from the International Airport
  • 3 International schools
  • Marios Golf Park
  • Demetrios II Wreck
  • Cosy private swimming coves
  • Akritas football club
  • Pedestrianized village centre
  • Duck Pond Farmers Market

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