Виллы "Перл Си Кейвс" - Виллы "Жемчужина Морских Пещер"

Pearl Sea Caves – удостоенный наград эксклюзивный проект из девяти роскошных вилл, расположенных в нетронутом и спокойном районе Морских пещер, Пафос. Находится среди оливковых деревьев и природных ландшафтов, всего в двух шагах от национального парка Акамас. Комплекс Pearl Sea Caves расположен в потрясающем месте, в одном из самых живописных мест Пафоса с захватывающим видом на море и Средиземное море. Всего в 15 минутах ходьбы очаровательная рыбацкая гавань Святого Георгия и его красивая пляжная бухта.

Знаменитый пляж Корал-Бей, награжденный “Голубым Флагом”, а также городские удобства включающие бары, рестораны и магазины, находятся всего в 10 минутах езды. Так же, как драгоценные камни привлекают многих своими потрясающими качествами, этот комплекс и его близость к знаменитым достопримечательностям региона, а также его захватывающие виды делают его абсолютной «жемчужиной» Средиземноморья.

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Situated in a peaceful location between the holiday resort of Coral Bay and the fishing Hamlet of St George is the beautiful Sea Caves. There is no place in Paphos that generates as much biological and geological interest as the divine Sea Caves in Peyia. This sea front area is well known for its beautiful coastal formations, caves and stone lodges that were naturally carved by the water. The local community frequently explore and enjoy the small, scattered islets. They love walking along the awe-inspiring coastal paths to photograph this naturally beautiful phenomenon and view the local marine life that is clearly visible in the water. It is home to the famous Edro shipwreck that is viewed often against the backdrop of a beautiful sunset.

Sea Caves is acknowledged as the place of choice for discerning home buyers who have built prestigious upmarket homes that dazzle as much as the natural beauty of the environment. Adjacent to the Akamas nature reserve that is recognized for its impressive variety of fauna and flora - this area is in high demand. Finding a property here is an exclusive privilege. Close to Coral Bay and Peyia, it has plenty of nearby amenities such as cafes, bars, supermarkets, banks, and pharmacies. It also offers a host of outdoor activities, from relaxing on Blue Flag beaches to water sports.

Low building density allowances have ensured that this area maintains its natural beauty with only large homes being built on spacious plots. If you buy a home here, you can be rest assured you have chosen the most sought-after residential area in Paphos.

  • 41 minutes from the International Airport
  • 3 International schools
  • Blue Flag Beaches
  • Akamas Peninsula & National Park
  • Baths of Aphrodite
  • Close to amenities of Coral Bay and Peyia
  • Edro Shipwreck
  • St George’s horse-riding ranch ranch

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