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Виллы Пейя Си Вью

Пейя Си Вью – великолепный комплекс, расположенный в чудесной и оживленной деревне Пейя, г. Пафос. Пейя – одна из крупнейших деревень города Пафос с населением около 10 000 человек.

Яркая атмосфера местности с многочисленными ресторанами, барами, развлечениями и семейными мероприятиями, позволяет жителям в полной мере насладиться прекрасным климатом Кипра круглый год.

Большая часть деревни находится на возвышенности, откуда открываются одни из самых драматических и невероятных видов на море на острове.

Описание проекта

Peyia is the village that offers everything you need for an idyllic Mediterranean lifestyle. This large area stretches from the Pegeia Forest down to the sea. Most homes are situated on the steep slopes of the coastal hills which affords them fantastic sea and country views. Popular with expatriates who have made it their home and in close proximity to Coral Bay and the Akamas National Park it is centrally located in Paphos. The town centre has everything you need as a modern urban citizen.

From banks to dentists, doctors, vets and a large range of superb traditional and international bars and restaurants. If you live in Peyia, there is very little reason to leave. The village centre is home to ancient baths and natural freshwater fountains but is also a hillside hub of amenities with panoramic views. Residents enjoy browsing in the markets and look forward to festive events hosted in the town square on the weekends. Peyia has its own football stadium and so many pretty old churches nestled in gardens that many weddings are held in this area. It has stayed true to tradition and gently integrated modern living in a way that preserves its Cypriot charm.

Homes in the area are well maintained with lush green gardens and sparkling blue pools, where neighbours greet one another as they go about their day. It is an ideal place for a family with children or a mature couple wishing to retire in a peaceful village that has everything they need. Peyia is the number one sought after destination for those who want to enjoy a modern suburban lifestyle offered in Cypriot traditional style.

  • 42 минуты от Международного Аэропорта
  • Пафоский Зоопарк
  • Национальный парк Акамас
  • В центре всех услуг/удобств
  • Рядом с Пляжными Курортами
  • Площадь Пейи
  • Стадион Пейи
  • Ранчо Святого Георгия- верховая езда

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